A podcast hosted by world-renowned extreme sport athletes and spiritual seekers, Melanie Curtis and Jason Moledzki. Creating conscious connections through openness, honesty, vulnerability, humility and trust. Deep dive discussions about psychedelic healing and growth.

TTJ Integration Circle

Join for LIVE coaching and connection

This format amplifies the impact and support provided by the online community

WHEN: September 7th, 6pm EST

WHERE: Zoom (link shared in the TTJ family group)


  • ✔ Get access to the Trust the Journey family group for the week. Subscribe in any amount on Patreon for ongoing access.
  • ✔ Subscribe to the TTJ family group for at least $20/month HERE and get access to every session 
  • ✔ The TTJ family group is where we support each other, connect, share resources and where the information for this session will be posted.
  • ✔ Because this is meant to be a safe and vulnerable space, these sessions are NOT recorded.
  • ✔ Joining a session like this supports our growing efforts with the show a great deal. THANK YOU.

We appreciate your support.

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