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A podcast hosted by world-renowned professional extreme sports athletes and spiritual seekers, Melanie Curtis and Jason Moledzki. We’re here to create conscious connections, to grow and contribute through our practice of openness, honesty, vulnerability, humility, and trust … Trusting the entire journey

13: FUN and Impostor Syndrome – Skills and mindset

In this episode, we’re talking about FUN… how the journey, no matter what’s happening, we can choose fun… and how Impostor Syndrome can block us from it and other forms of growth and confidence… working these mindsets and skills…

Our mission is, Living, Laughing, Loving and Learning Together
Creating and Cultivating Conscious Connections
Thru the Practice of Openness, Honesty, Vulnerability, Humility, and Trust


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13: FUN and Impostor Syndrome – Skills and mindset