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A podcast hosted by world-renowned professional extreme sports athletes and spiritual seekers, Melanie Curtis and Jason Moledzki. We’re here to create conscious connections, to grow and contribute through our practice of openness, honesty, vulnerability, humility, and trust … Trusting the entire journey

132: Psychedelic Science 2023

In this episode, we are talking about Psychedelic Sciences 2023…

Our mission is, Living, Laughing, Loving and Learning Together Creating and Cultivating Conscious Connections Thru the Practice of Openness, Honesty, Vulnerability, Humility, and Trust

Psychedelic Sciences 2023
Show notes & links – Shannon & Travis – Rick Doblin – Aaron Rodgers NFL MVP – John Mackey / Whole Foods…research.html – Johns Hopkins / Psilocybin Studies – Psychedelics Today / Joe Moore – Julie Holland MD / Musical Couples Therapy – Bob Wold – Court Wing…ve-director – Anna Symonds / Ethridge Foundation – Beth Bell – Ray Murphy – Aubrey Marcus – Paul Stamets – Marian Goodell – Wendy Tucker / Shulgin Foundation…rate-brave-work/ – Melanie Curtis – The Legacy of Ann & Sasha Shulgin

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132: Psychedelic Science 2023