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136: Kim Dudine – Trailblazing, Healing Trauma & Building Plant Medicine Businesses

In this episode, we are talking about Trailblazing, Healing Trauma & Building Plant Medicine Businesses

Our mission is, Living, Laughing, Loving and Learning Together Creating and Cultivating Conscious Connections Thru the Practice of Openness, Honesty, Vulnerability, Humility, and Trust

Hi family! Today, Melanie interviews Kim Dudine :

Kim Dudine is a seasoned Business Development professional, writer, community builder, and consciousness expansion and psychedelics advocate. She is a Director and Partner at Trailblazers Presents, a community of executives, leaders and innovators across the cannabis and psychedelics industry. Trailblazers is dedicated to holding executive retreats designed to inspire collaboration and authentic human connection.

Prior to Trailblazers, Kim was a Senior International Business Development specialist, where she designed global business strategy and proposals for USAID-funded clean energy, water and natural resources management projects.

She lives in Ojai, California and hosts consciousness elevation retreats at . She is currently writing a memoir on her spiritual awakening via grief, psychedelics, and inner healing.


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136: Kim Dudine – Trailblazing, Healing Trauma & Building Plant Medicine Businesses