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150: Josh Wall – Bonefrog Foundation / Behind Thin Lines

In this episode, we are THRILLED to welcome, Joshua Wall!


Joshua Wall is an experienced and versatile leader that has operated in an array of operational roles that have groomed him for a position within the medicinal cannabis/ industrial hemp industry.  With his start in the United States Army in a Dismounted Infantry Reconnaissance Team (DIRT), Joshua rose quickly in rank commanding anywhere between 7 to 100 soldiers.  From his inception into the military he was placed in positions of leadership, while he spent multiple tours in the Middle East serving in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  Coming from one of the world’s greatest leadership institutions, Joshua used these skills that were polished during his service to provide those same foundations for his future endeavors.


Upon leaving the military, Joshua was a contractor in Afghanistan conducting Threat and Vulnerability Assessments (TVA) and the protection of High Value Individuals (HVI) in over 30 locations spread throughout Afghanistan.   Being in a managerial role, Joshua led a small team of men as they traveled the country to various forward operating bases, conducting the same measures at each installation.  Joshua was a key leader in establishing a revised version of the TVA that the US Government now uses for assessments in countries abroad.


When he returned from overseas, Joshua assumed the role of Director of Security for a company that dealt in the exchange of foreign currency.  Being a part of a startup, Josh was able to develop the entire company’s standard operating procedures (SOP) for all security procedures.  In addition to the transportation of millions of dollars of foreign currency all high-level transactions were managed by a specialized team led by Joshua.


As Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Serving Force, a private security company that focuses on TVA, HVI, and corporate operational consulting based on all upper echelon military veterans. Keying in on the military mindset, Joshua has been able to inject those parameters into operational and security procedures, with a focus in the medicinal cannabis and industrial hemp processing throughout the southeast.  With Joshua’s knowledge of operations and the cannabis industry, he was able to provide the leadership needed to execute the actions required to fulfill the role of Chief Operating Officer with Harvest Connect LLC. Realizing that the medications that the VA prescribes is a tangled web of addictions we felt the need to search for more holistic remedies to aid in our recovery.

As the Chief Operations Officer (COO) Joshua is responsible for the leadership, management, overall operation, and sustainability of all Harvest Connect/Graceleaf/Aspen Tree/Bonefrog-Behind Thin Lines verticals.  Joshua centers operations on established gross profitability by focusing on resource management, operational precision, and production of a superior product.  The operational lanes consist of but are not limited to all daily operations (processing and procurement), personnel processes/relations, vendor/client relations, logistics, security, technology, quality assurance/quality control, establishing internal processes and procedures, and direct support of the CEO and Board of Advisors. Josh is also President of the 501c3 the Bonefrog Foundation. Soon to be rebranded to Behind Thin Lines to make this less exclusive to the military special operations sector and encompass first responders. We provide therapy and counseling to all those in need. Through his own experience he has found great benefits to entheogenic compounds and has a passion to educate as many as possible. We are also bringing attention to the compounds’ current scheduling and works with federal and state politicians. We have become exhausted by all the veterans and first responders that commit suicide and know that psilocybin is what is needed to aid each person struggling to adjust to what normal life is. The goal of our non-profit is to eliminate veteran and first responder suicides. Even 1 suicide a day is 1 too many.


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150: Josh Wall – Bonefrog Foundation / Behind Thin Lines