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Jay Moledzki

Jay Moledzki is a Canadian skydiver/canopy pilot. Moledzki is noted for having won many medals in canopy piloting since the first Canopy Piloting World Parachuting Championships in Vienna, Austria in 2006, the second Canopy Piloting World Championships in Pretoria, South Africa in 2008, the third Canopy Piloting World Championships in Kolomna, Russia in 2010, and the fourth Canopy Piloting World Championships in Dubai, UAE in 2012.

Melanie Curtis

Mel is the life coach for people who don’t like life coaches haha.. she went from investment banking to professional skydiving to life coaching. Now she helps people overcome fear while actually making the torture of that growth fun and funny. Working with Mel is not for the faint of heart, but the skills you earn change everything.


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