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A podcast hosted by world-renowned professional extreme sports athletes and spiritual seekers, Melanie Curtis and Jason Moledzki. We’re here to create conscious connections, to grow and contribute through our practice of openness, honesty, vulnerability, humility, and trust … Trusting the entire journey

104: #LTD Living the Dream

Hi family! Join us for a deep catch up with Jay and Mel, sharing about what #LTD, “Living the Dream” looks like for each of them right now. Mel is recuperating after a demonstration jump with Highlight Pro Skydiving, and Jay is in Norway recovering from jet lag and getting back into BASE jumping. We explore how to balance growth and progress while finding time to be being present, still, and slowing down. Surrender to the things you can’t control, but still be relentless in the things you have power over. We’d love to hear your thoughts! Connect with us on social media to share your thoughts on #LTD!

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Our mission is, Living, Laughing, Loving and Learning Together Creating and Cultivating Conscious Connections Thru the Practice of Openness, Honesty, Vulnerability, Humility, and Trust

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104: #LTD Living the Dream