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103: Walking Each other Home – Matt Blank – Self Gratitude vs Selflessness

Join us for the third episode of Jay’s “Walking Each Other Home” series! In this episode, Jay is kicking it in Moab interviewing his close friend in the sky family community, Matt Blank. Get ready to dive into a deep, flowing conversation between two elite adventure athletes and pillars in the sky family community. This conversation roams all over topics from BASE jumping to flow, offering a unique window into the experience and perspective of these two amazing humans.

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Matt Blank is a skydiver, BASE jumper, stuntman, and so much more. He’s worked as an instructor in rock climbing, snow sports, skydiving, and wing suiting. He has a degree in psychology, with a focus on sports psychology and social behavior. He’s also been a story analyst for Disney, and loves writing and words. Since last fall, he started the Winter BASE Club in Moab, which has been integral in helping educate and support members of the sky family community.

He is the host of Exit Point, a podcast that is intended to extract valuable lessons and insight, exploring life through the lens of the worlds most extreme athletes.

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103: Walking Each other Home – Matt Blank – Self Gratitude vs Selflessness