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152: Lucie Charping – Microdosing Flow

We are thrilled to welcome Lucie Charping! Lucie is a dynamic peak performance health coach, mind-body therapist, writer, and speaker who has devoted over two decades to helping her clients tap into their neurobiology and unlock the power of their mind to turn challenges into wins.

As a holistic performance specialist, her expertise spans sports therapies, pain and stress management, nutrition, hypnosis, holistic health and consciousness coaching. She is passionate about food as medicine and the exploration of the mind-body phenomena for self healing and optimization. 

Lucie works with people who are committed to getting out of their own way and creating lasting change. Her clients include leadership professionals, elite and Olympic athletes, action sports and endurance athletes, and those who wish to break free from the fear matrix and improve their mental and emotional fitness.

As the founder of FlowMind Coaching and FlowMind Yoga™, Lucie’s unique Micro-dosing Flow™ methods offer a revolutionary approach to chronic pain management and mind-body peak performance. She’s the founder of Conscious Corporate Cultures dedicated to mindfulness in leadership and co-founder of Fusion Flow Retreats – Yoga and active lifestyle retreats for the health conscious fun seeker.

Lucie is committed to helping individuals harness their innate power and achieve lasting success, self-love, and freedom.

​Lucie’s journey, marked by early entrepreneurial success as a restaurant owner at age 16, a stint with acting and a career in Latin dance, reflects her deep engagement with diverse fields, including a lifelong passion for action sports. She loves to be climbing up, or carving down a mountain, getting her “knees in the breeze” skydiving, meditating for hours or being on stage dancing her heart out in some elaborate costume.

Internationally recognized, she leads workshops and retreats in orthopedic bodywork, getting high on health, holistic nutrition, pain and stress management, performance mindset, Micro-dosing Flow,  Saying Yes To Stress,  Yoga and flow adventures, and Ayurvedic medicine.

Instagram – luciecharping


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152: Lucie Charping – Microdosing Flow