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153: Eric & Meaghan Alden – Performance & Stress

We are thrilled to welcome Eric & Meaghan Alden! 


Eric Alden has been on active duty with the US military for 15 years. The majority of his service was in Special Operations with multiple combat deployments. During his military career, Eric discovered his passion for skydiving and later, teaching others to skydive as well.


A self-diagnosed adrenaline addict, when he is not flying fast parachutes or chasing students through the air, he finds serenity riding motorcycles, traveling to new locations, and spending time in nature.


His current mission in life is finding ways to help other veterans who are also struggling to fully “come home” from war, whether it has been months or years since their last combat deployment.


Dr. Meaghan Alden is an emergency medicine and critical care doctor with 14 years of service in the Air Force, including three combat deployments focused on casualty evacuation. Transitioning to civilian life, she’s pursuing a more values-aligned path.


As a relatively junior skydiver, she enjoys sharing her love for the sport as a coach. In her newfound ‘spare time,’ she is pursuing expanding goals as a canopy pilot and body flier. She hopes to leverage her knowledge of emergency response to improve safety on drop zones, sharing her expertise to enhance emergency preparedness and response protocols.


After experiencing a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and subsequent PTSD following a rocket attack in 2020, Meaghan developed a deep passion for enhancing performance in high-stakes environments. Driven by this experience, she’s dedicated to promoting holistic approaches to optimize team effectiveness and individual well-being.


With a heart for adventure and service, Meaghan is ready to embark on new challenges, both in and out of the medical field.


Social Media: 

Instagram: @devilem31

Facebook: Meaghan Alden 

X: @EM_Devil

LinkedIn: Meaghan Alden


Instagram: _ericalden




– The Warrior Care Network –

– iBreathe (only on apple) –

– Sleep CBT-I –

– BrainHQ –

Insight Timer Meditation (Free) –

Headspace Meditation (has a fee, personally I find it worth it) –

Daylio Mood Diary: (for those having difficulty putting words to the things they’re feeling) –


– Uniformed Services Consortium for Health and Military Performance (CHAMP) –

– Huberman Lab podcast –

– Mission Critical Team Institute –




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153: Eric & Meaghan Alden – Performance & Stress